Mind – Body – Spirit

A holistic approach to inspiring scholastic, recreational,
social and moral growth in youth and adults. The WISE
vision is to provide the Muslim community, especially the youth, with the faculties to achieve academic, physical,
and spiritual excellence based on Islamic principles.


WISE aspires to instill wisdom in all our youth based on Islamic values and principles. WISE is an acronym for World Instruction for Scholastic Excellence and the core principles of WISE are to promote academic, physical and spiritual excellence. WISE programs are designed to foster and encourage learning and the WISE facility is designed to host a comfortable atmosphere for reflecting and studying within a safe and productive social environment.

Our core values are based on universal Islamic values and principles, including


Equality requires that we celebrate our differences while challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers.


The quality of being just; conformity to the principles of righteousness and rectitude in all things.


Brotherhood means perfect friendship. Do not consider me superior to you, I am one of you.


To be compassionate you need to be genuinely concerned about the other person or people’s needs.


you should respect any person who is different from you, no matter what they believe in or what race they are.


Friendship is impossible to keep within yourself, it will always extend as far as it can reach to touch your hearts.


WISE Houston is a private, non-profit, faith-based multipurpose club dedicated to serving the scholastic, social, recreational, and spiritual needs of the local Muslim community in accordance with Islamic values and principles.

Our philosophy: MIND – BODY – SPIRIT

  • MIND
  • BODY


Academic tutoring encourages students to think critically and motivates them to excel in their education. It boosts self-confidence and fosters the development of lifetime skills and habits that are conductive towards excellence.

The RISE Up Program encourages the growth of the mind using multiple faucets of academic inquiry and innovation that are developed to cater to the needs of the student. Tutors work with students to complete assignments for school and, in some cases, provide enrichment classes to further develop the student. With contemporary tutoring room and creative methods, RISE Up tutoring ensures that students are provided with the resources they need to become strong leaders of tomorrow.

Academic tutoring subjects include: Mathematic Tutoring, Science Tutoring, English Literature / Reading Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, Social Sciences / Studies Tutoring, Quranic Teachings.


Studies indicate that students who actively exercise or are engaged in physical activities during the week, have stronger mental and emotional health, and are more productive and positive than those who don’t. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy body contributes to the well-being and appropriate growth of the human person.

The RISE Up Program is designed to incorporate daily physical health and fitness sessions where students will have the opportunity to play multiple sports with fellow students, including basketball, volleyball, and more! Students will engage in team-building activities and have the opportunity to undergo a health and physical fitness evaluation, hosted by the fitness coaches and specialists.

As the program grows, the RISE Up Program will feature sports teams who will participate in local leagues in Houston.


While students strive to achieve academic and physical excellence, the spirit also requires development and active attention to become stronger moral and faithful human beings. As Muslims, maintaining the good and forbidding the evil, is among the core principles of the human dynamism.

The RISE Up Program encourages students to actively pursue their faith through Assembly and Character Building sessions. During Assembly, students are encouraged to participate in congregational prayer of the evening (Maghrib) and are involved in the WISE Thoughts experience, where students and staff share “food for thought” regarding contemporary moral and religious ideas. In addition, students will have the opportunity to partake in Character Building sessions where they work to develop moral fiber and become role models for those around them.

This further allows students a forum to introduce and discuss questions and address issues concerning society and education today.